David Harris Chaldon Web

I have have been in I.T. since before it was called I.T., and I have worked for some of the biggest companies in the UK and for international banking organisations in the City of London. I have 20 years experience in Web Design and for the past 6 years I have worked almost exclusively with WordPress.

By utilising commercially available themes I can produce stunning websites for the fraction of the cost of a bespoke website.

I can update your existing website – my experience means I may be able to accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time you could do it yourself, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

How I help my clients:

  • New WordPress website
    We will agree on a theme. I will only work with themes that load fast. To use a popular, code-heavy slow loading theme would be a disservice. We can get your site up and running within a week for as little as £300.
  • Installing SSL certificates.
    Every website needs one because that is what Google wants. Installing it is easy, ironing out the problems of mixed content and dealing with old plugins is  more problematical.
  • The need for speed.
    Google’s ranking algorithm is increasingly using the loading speed of your website. Check out your website’s performance by clicking here – you need to be at least in the amber zone. If you’re in the red zone you really need to take action today.
  • Security
    Most people protect their PC’s against malicious software, but often neglect their website. WordPress is a superb platform and is hugely popular, but that means it attracts more hackers. Attacks can be just a harmless ‘You’ve been hacked’ message, or it can be distributing malicious software, using your Email or diverting parts of your site elsewhere. I have a client whose desktop site was fine but the mobile site was being forwarded to a porno site. Not great for business. I can protect and monitor your website to stop attacks succeeding.
  • Hosting
    We use UK based hosting that is the fastest available utilising SSD’s. Having your website hosted on older servers, servers with high contention rates, or servers elsewhere in the world can have a devastating effect on your page loading speed. You can get a slow server for £2 a month. A fast one is £5 a month. Is it worth crippling your website for £3 a month?
    Is moving your website a load of hassle? No. We will do it for you. There will be some downtime (between 60 seconds and 2 hours) but we schedule this overnight. No Emails will be lost.